фото: Социјални мрежи, Тик Ток, Фејсбук

In coordination with the competent institutions, the inspectors from the State Environmental Inspectorate on Friday evening searched the Park Hotel located on the bank of the Vardar River in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.

The inspector who was conducting the inspection at this 5-star hotel said for Meta.mk that the lion cub Simba wasn’t found at this location.

“The inspection has just ended and I can say that after a detailed inspection we saw that there is no lion cub at the facility’s premises. The inspection at this facility was decided upon information that the lion cub was seen on photographs that were taken here,” said Inspector Pejo Kirovski.

He also said that the Inspectorate will continue with its investigation in coordination with authorized institutions and the social networks posts, where the photographs and videos with a lion cub were published, will be analyzed in detail.

Meta.mk still hasn’t received official information about smuggling lion cubs from the Ministry of Interior which was revealed by animal rights activist Tina Mickovska and Anima Mundi Association for animal protection.