The Prosecutor’s Office will have to seriously look into the logistics and planning that went into the helping the former chiefs of the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), Goran Grujovski and Nikola Boskovski flee the country. They had help from people in Macedonia for their escape from the country, said Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski, in an interview for the “360” show on “Alsat-M” TV.

“Domestic logistics is key for their entire passage outside the territory of Macedonia. If they did not have the logistics that provided them with financial means, even with those illegal travel documents, their departure would not have been possible. That sort of help from inside the country is certain and here the prosecution will need to work seriously”, said Spasovski.

Regarding the risk of important security information being leaked to the Greek services, and if Mr. Grujovski had the wiretapped conversations about the affair two years ago, the Minister of Interior says that, according to him, such information about the private lives of citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and political opponents will not be of any interest to Greece.

When asked if Macedonia’s lack of a bilateral agreement on legal aid with Greece could be an obstacle for the extradition of Grujovski and Boskovski, the Minister said that there are no obstacles “because there are international conventions which we and Greece have both committed ourselves to.”