Staff employed at the Ministry of Interior should relax, because at the Police Department I won’t be making major personnel changes. This was a promise made by the candidate for the Head of the Police from SDSM Oliver Spasovski during his visit to the Municipality of Gostivar, where he met with citizens in several areas.

“The purpose of SDSM and myself is not to rule with Gruevski and DUI, but our goal is to be the mechanism which controls the system and I want all in the MOI to be relaxed. Because I am not going into the MOI to make mass changes or to create politics, but to create a minimum team which will be able to work”, said Spasovski.

The SDSM Secretary General said that their responsibilities, and their the ministers proposed by the opposition were to begin to reclaim the freedom of the citizens.

“My priority will be to relax the situation in the country, we don’t want the citizens of this country scared anymore, not to be under pressure, get close to them. Because only with a relaxed atmosphere and situation, we can have free citizens and a free state, which will carry serious decisions for this country”, said Spasovski.

Tonight SDSM will hold a debate in Gostivar, will present part of their platform “Vision for Macedonia”.