Slovenia denies: There is no defect on the railway and we did not ask Macedonia to close its border


Slovenia today denied reports that they had requested Macedonia to close the southern border for entry of migrants due to a malfunction of the railway lines and pointed out that the railway transport in the country for the past few days has been working without disruption.

“The Republic of Slovenia did not request Macedonia to close its border with Greece. The indications that we have done so because of difficulties on the Slovenian railway network, are incorrect. Railway traffic in Slovenia takes place continuously,and has been working fine in the previous days. The railway will not, and did not have plans for disruption in the past days, which would make it impossible for the transport of trains and “Slovenian railways” has continued to provide uninterrupted transportation of trains with migrants, as agreed with the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia, ” reads the denial of the Slovenian Embassy in Skopje.

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) yesterday stated to”Meta” that the closure of the border with Greece for migrants was because of a defect or malfunction of the railway infrastructure in Slovenia.
“We were informed from other countries from the Western Balkan route to reduce the number of migrants due to a malfunction of the railroad in Slovenia. We have received notification from Serbia and forwarded it to Greece”, Dejana Nedeljkovic said yesterday from the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Interior.

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