The new face of City Square is ready and fences that enclosed it started being removed.

And it should be officially promoted soon.

As planned, fountain in a rectangular shape with dimensions 20 to 10 meters and embedded reinforced concrete trough was built at Macedonia Square. The surface on the bed should be made of light gray granite panels with dimensions 60 to 60 centimeters and thickness of 10 centimeters.

LED lamps with holes for mounting nozzle will be installed in the panels of the fountain. Fountain will comprise 128 nozzles with 128 bulbs. The visual effect of the fountain will be achieved by manipulation of the streams, as well as with a lightshow at night.

Near the fountain, there will be a chamber, i.e. machine hall, in which the necessary equipment for the operation of the fountain – sensors, skimmers, filters, and other probes – will be set.

Despite the construction of the surface fountain, reconstruction of the yard of Macedonia Square was also carried out.

Water spraying from nozzles will dive between the panels and return to the system. Storm water from the yard will be drained through the existing stormwater network through small channels.

The project for construction of surface fountain and reconstruction of the yard on Macedonia Square was awarded to Public company for spatial and urban plans – Prilep, and crews of the construction company “TRANSMET” from Skopje did the field work. According to the announcements, this project costs about 150 million denars, of which the City of Skopje provided one-third and Government – two thirds.