Skopje and Ohrid with a special traffic regime during Epiphany


In order the events on the occasion of the celebration of the Christian holiday of Epiphany to run smoothly, a special traffic regime will be set up in Skopje and Ohrid tomorrow, announced the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

From 10.30 am, boulevard Philip II in Skopje will be closed for traffic, i.e. the part of the road from the intersections with boulevard Goce Delchev to the intersection with the street 11th of October. In settlement Hrom in the Municipality of Gjorche Petrov, street Vasil Adzhilarski will be closed for traffic from 11.30 am.

In Ohrid, police will today begin notifying owners to move their vehicles from parking places on the streets Kosta Abrash, Car Samoil and Kej Makedonija, where setting police, emergency and fire department vehicles, as well as the tents of the Red Cross with the necessary equipment, is projected.

Tomorrow, boulevard Makedonski prosvetiteli will be closed for traffic from the intersection with the street Partizanska to Kej Makedonija, while traffic on the boulevard Makedonski prosvetiteli will be completely redirected to the street Partizanska. From 7 pm, physical regulation of these roads will be done, as well as of the regional road Ohrid-St. Naum, near the church St. Nedela at the village Konjsko, as well as of the road Kichevo-Ohrid, near the village Orovnik – announced representatives of MOI.

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