Фото: Мета.мк

The heatwave that swept North Macedonia at the start of this week, will most likely last another week. In the capital Skopje, the temperatures rose to 40ºC and the National Hydrometeorological Service (UHMR) forecast 42ºC for the capital. The scorching heat has brought Orange alert for the country.

How does Skopje function at 40ºC?  Meta.mk’s photographer took a stroll across the capital to capture how the city is functioning in this desert heat.

Photo: Meta.mk

In the Zoo, both elephants, the cows Dunja and Daela were cooled off from the summer heat. Zoo employees water-sprayed them to allow these two beauties some refuge from the scorching sun.

Photo: Meta.mk

Nevertheless, in the city central area, our photographer noticed a worker on a scaffolding taking a break from the heavy physical work in the heat.

Photo: Meta.mk

Two days ago, the Health Ministry issued recommendations for behaviour during the current heatwave.

The government gave recommendations for the companies to organize the working hours in order to protect the workers from direct exposure to the sun and to avoid staying in open spaces in the period between 11 and 17 h. This recommendation especially refers to construction workers who are directly exposed to the sun during their daily duties.

Another recommendation from the authorities is to excuse from work the most vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women and elderly people above 60.

This is the second heatwave that has swept North Macedonia this year, after the first one struck toward the end of June.