Seventeen judges from Basic Court Skopje 1 have appealed to the Supreme Court concerning the new annual schedule which was passed late last month by the President of the Court Stojanche Ribarev, confirmed the Supreme Court.

New appeals are expected to arrive at the Supreme Court by post , after which a session should be scheduled to consider and resolve the appeals and complaints.

The annual plan for judges by Ribarev, just as that of his predecessor, Acting President of the Basic Court Skopje 1, Tatjana Mikhailova, caused controversy in the public eye after young judges with several years of experience were promoted, while more experienced judges with years more expirience in the criminal department were transferred to work on old cases or at the department for misademanors .

On Ribarev’s annual schedule, key positions have been given to judges who were part of the wiretapped conversations released by SDSM or have petitions against them filed by the Special Prosecutor’s Office for unprofessional and unethical conduct.