For SDSM, the request on part of Hristijan Mickoski is unacceptable that an independent body should be formed in order to go through the recordings between the judges and the prosecutors in the last two years.

“Mickoski has confirmed the testimonies about a serious connectedness between the attackers with VMRO-DPMNE through organization and coordination of the violence that occurred on the 27th of April. With illogical, unserious requests, interpolations, made-up information, Mickoski is trying to obstruct the reforms, to block the process behind Macedonia’s accession into NATO and EU. 11 years of wiretapping weren’t enough for Mickoski and now he is requesting that the new recordings should be listened by VMRO-DPMNE’s experts, SDSM replied yesterday.

Mickoski announced his 6 demands from the city of Kochani where VMRO-DPMNE held a protest rally.

“An independent body should be immediately formed and led by a person proposed by the opposition, and which will be able to listen, analyze and systematize all the materials that were gathered in the last two years as a result of Zoran Zaev’s black Watergate i.e. the wiretapping of all judges and prosecutors. Let’s see all of the ordered verdicts for bribery, let’s see the ordered verdict for the Global case, let’s see how you order charges against people that took part in the incidents during the 27th of April, let’s see how you are ordering charges against VMRo_DPMNE” demanded the president of VMRO-DPMNE.

He said that after each protest there will be new requests and he will demand resignations from ministers Spasovski and Dimitrov.