Seven amendments for constitutional changes were lodged


The Parliament has received seven amendments of the draft-amendments of the Constitution where two were lodged by the Alliance of the Albanians, one from Besa, one from SDSM’s MP, Muhamed Zekiri and three from the VMRO-DPMNE’s independent MP group and the coalition. Only the MP groups of the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE, nor SDSM’s or DUI’s MP groups hadn’t lodged any amendments.

The Alliance of the Albanians lodged only one amendment with which it requests that in Article 2 Section 2 the words “Macedonian/citizen” to be replaced with the words “citizens” and in the explanation the Alliance has stated that it is requested in order to provide equality in the expressing the citizenship for the citizens of Republic of Macedonia.

Besa’s MPs, also have requested an intervention regarding the same Section in the constitutional law and they proposed that this Alinea should state the following: “Starting from the day when the amendment XXXIII enters into force, the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia will have citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia”.

An amendment of the same Section of Article 2 of the constitutional law was lodged by SDSM’s Muhamed Zekiri in order to make the Section more precise by placing the following words at the end of the sentence: “that will not determine nor will suggest the citizens’ ethnic background”.

A similar amendment to this was lodged by VMRO-DPMNE’s independent MP group and its coalition partners. They suggest that Article 2 Section 2 to add the following words after the word Macedonia: that will not determine the citizens’ ethnic background.”

The Alliance of the Albanians’ Sela and Rashidi’s second amendment requests that the constitutional law for proclaiming the amendments to be inserted in Article 1-a and they propose to state the following:

‘Republic of Macedonia’s state border is its constant border with Republic of Albania, Republic of Bulgaria, Republic of Greece, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Kosovo.”

The representatives of the independent MP group had lodged an amendment with which they request a change of Article 1 Section 2 of the constitutional law and they propose to state the following:

“The amendments starting from the XXXIII to the XXXVI of the Republic of Macedonia’s Constitution will not cause a legal action, will not enter into force and are invalid unless the conditions determined by Section 1 of this article are met”.

The session of the parliamentary Commission for Constitutional Affairs will start this afternoon, while the plenary session is expected to be scheduled on the 9th of January next year. This is the third and the last phase of the constitutional changes in accordance to the Prespa Agreement.

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