Security and Confidentiality – Main topics from the Internet Governance Forum


The security and confidentiality of the Internet, as well as the influence of fake news and the use of digital technologies for the manipulation of public opinion, along with the problem of diminished confidence in the media and state institutions, were the main topics discussed at the 12th meeting at the IGF (Internet Governance Forum), held in Geneva from 18th to 21st December.

At the global meeting which was organized by the United Nations, about 2.500 participants from around the world discussed ideas and proposals in an attempt to find solutions in respect of the digital future while protecting and respecting people’s rights, as well as appropriate responses to the challenges that are encountered online.

Within that framework, a message emerged to governments that they should invest more in digital literacy.

Bardhyl Jashari, Executive Director of the Foundation for Internet and Society, “Metamorphosis” took part at the Forum.

Bardil Jashari Geneve dek17 - negova“The privacy and confidentiality of the Internet were, as before, the more important topics of the forum, and this year, also discussed were the influence of fake news and the use of digital technologies for manipulation of public opinion. Also pointed out was the reduced confidence in the media and state institutions. Many participants noted that governments have an important role and responsibility in the process of restoring confidence, rather than the creation of new institutions, laws and policies, instead, they need to be more open, more cooperation with NGOs, while investing in education and media literacy” Jashari said.

The Geneva Forum, attended by government officials, NGOs, IT experts, companies and the media, came up with several recommendations for the global community under the title “Message from Geneva”.

“It was concluded that we should not only talk about risks and go overboard in focusing on them, but rather, we should emphasize the affirmation and promotion of the positive aspects of digitalization”, Jashari pointed out.

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