SEC: Macedonia has a total of 2,464,266 citizens

The State Election Commission (SEC) yesterday unanimously have acknowledged a report on the data from the register of citizens (persons with a Macedonian passport) from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), which says Macedonia has 1,958,844 adults and 505,422 young citizens, in total, 2,464,266 nationals.

Otherwise, if today until midnight, which is the last date to submit lists of candidates for deputies to the State Election Commission (SEC), as of yet no candidate lists have arrived, which means the Commission has only one option – to report such a situation.

The SEC told”Meta”, it’s a new situation, which the Electoral Code has never seen before and isn’t prepared. If the current situation continues it will determine the overall situation, the commission will have to recommend that elections can not be held without candidate’s list, after which the ball rolls into the hands of Parliament.

This scenario is quite possible, yesterday confirmed sources from within the VMRO-DPMNE.

“Maybe we will not participate in the elections either, we will give up and a third party will participate, win 10,000 votes and the elections will fall apart. Or, if the foreigners insist on an adverse decision, maybe we should leave Government and the SDSM can make up a minority government with whoever they want”, said an unofficial source from the ruling party.

However, the SEC said it is common for parties to submit candidate lists at the last moment or literally five minutes before midnight.

So far, VMRO-DPMNE still officially maintain that election will be held on June 5, SDSM have stated they will not participate if the elections were held, DUI and DPA have officially not give an exact answer, but if you judge by past actions, they will not submit candidate lists of deputies to the SEC.