The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, to mark the occasion for the International Day of Tolerance, November 16, today organized the eighth march for tolerance.

The annual March of Tolerance, which started from the Museum of the City of Skopje, and went on to Macedonia Street and then the SEE University, is dedicated to the fight against hate speech, respect and tolerance for diversity.

Organizers stressed that the political situation in which Macedonian society finds itself, especially in the last decade, has caused violent and negative trends, and has gone in the opposite direction of the protection, the security and the realization of human rights and freedoms. These negative trends, as stated in the call for the march, refer to the deterioration of social, socio-cultural, economic and political positions of certain groups and individuals in society who are vulnerable and marginalized social functionality.

The march was supported by member organizations of the Platform against hate speech, the LGBT Support Center, Foundation “Metamorphosis”, “Paktis”, Macedonian Institute for Media, “Civil” Youth Educational Forum and “Multicultural”.

At the end of the march, a video campaign was promoted against hate speech.