SDSM: They have to come to their senses rather than thinking about Mijalkov’s oil

Gjorge Ivanov must allow for a peaceful transfer of power rather than to protect criminals, said SDSM’s morning press release, which states that “Ivanov’s and Gruevski’s scenario for blockade of democratic processes due to criminal interests.”

“A reason must prevail instead of interests concerning Mijalkov’s oil. The citizens have heard about the six million of euros that Gruevski’s cousin, Sasho Mijalkov has spent in January and March in order to buy an oil depot. While people are protesting outside, Mijalkov has bought “Om Petrol” which manager is his son! The protests and the blockade of the Parliament are aimed towards an expansion of the richness with oil warehouses and more gas stations. The whole domestic and international general public can see clearly what is happening! This is not patriotism but crimes!

The party stress that because of this the leaders and the institutions of the European Union, through the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, have demanded democratic principles, decency, and sanity from Gjorge Ivanov.