Tonight, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev received unanimous support from the coalition partners of the joint opposition and will not participate in the elections on April 24.

“SDSM and its coalition partners are determined to conduct fair and democratic elections. The voters’ list must be renewed. We must provide professional media reporting. Only these kind of elections are in the interest of the citizens and Macedonia, and SDSM will only take part in these kind of elections. SDSM and its coalition partners find it unacceptable for elections to be held on April 24. The party and its coalition will not participate in elections organized on April 24”, said the SDSM.

In connection with the participation of Ministers and Deputy Ministers of the opposition in the Government, it has been concluded that this decision will be decided by the central bodies of the party of the united opposition. SDSM informed the public that once the central bodies of the party come to a decision on the opposition’s participation in the government, it will be announced to the public.