SDSM: The current government has no basic sense of national interest


“If Nikola Gruevski’s Government was thinking of state interests of Macedonia, if it was really as patriotic as it claimed to be and loved its country and its people, would it brought this shame to the Republic of Macedonia? Macedonia’s right to vote at the United Nations was revoked with the signature of the Secretary General Ban Ki-moon,” said Viktor Gaber, member of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of SDSM, at today’s press conference.

– Two years in a row, our country didn’t pay contributions to the world organization. Because of the unpaid debt of 24,000 dollars, Macedonia is in the group of debtors together with Somalia, Rwanda, Yemen and Sao Tome and Principe. It’s not even 23,000 euros which, according to the public information, MP Silvana Boneva of VMRO-DPMNE deducted from the budget as travel expenses. That means there is money when it comes to the pockets of officials of VMRO-DPMNE, but there is no money when it comes to the state. We’re not surprised. We only regret that the world has seen what the current situation in the country is. The current Government has no basic sense of national interest and no statesmanship capacity. It is the responsibility of Nikola Gruevski and his Government and there is only one solution. They have to go – said Gaber.

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