At the Levica party’s Central Committee, they decided to run independently for the early parliamentary elections on December the 11th after their initiative to be part of the united approach of all anti-regime parties was completely ignored by the opposition, confirmed to “Meta”, Zdravo Saveski, one of the leaders of the Levica party.

“At the Central Committee, which was held on Sunday, October the 16th, after voting took place at local branches, we came to the decision that we will run as an independent party at the election. We came to this decision after our initiative was ignored by opposition parties for a united approach for the elections, with all the anti-regime parties, through a non-partisan civil list, where prominent fighters against the regime, who do not have ties to any political parties,  will be nominated”, said Saveski.

He said it was especially worrying that almost none of the opposition parties responded to their proposed initiative, and the only parties who deemed them worthy of a response were the Liberal Party and PEI (Party for a European Future), in which they explained that their initiative was not acceptable.

“We expect from the elections that finally, after such a long time, citizens will have a chance to remove the regime from power and this opportunity must be used. We want to give the public an option, those who are dissatisfied with the current political options on offer, whose policies will bring detriment and damage to the citizens and are in favour of the elite. Levica will offer the option to vote for a party that will work for the benefit of citizens”, added Saveski.