Yesterday evening, the Russian embassy reacted to allegations from Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that businessmen from Russia financed anti-government protests. Zaev made the statement in an interview with BuzzFeed News and then repeated it in response to a journalist’s question at the start of the construction of the American Dura plant in Bunardzik.

The Embassy believes that the statement was guesswork, similar to those of the Minister of Defense Radmila Sekerinska recently.

“We believe that such statements are guesswork, as well as the recent allegations by the Minister of Defense, Radmila Sekerinska, are aimed at spreading Russophobia, which is increasingly accepted by the Western partners of Macedonia as a tool for achieving its own internal and external political goals. In that context, the honesty of the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for building friendly relations with the Russian Federation is questionable”, read the statement.

In addition, it calls for an investigation into the Government’s allegations.

“We expect that the Macedonian side, within the legal field of its state and international practice, will conduct a detailed and objective investigation of the allegations that the stated members of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia allude to, and will present it to the public, as well as the Russian side, real facts, not constructions”, read the statement.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation says they are “counterproductive and irresponsible attempts” to intimidate citizens “with a fictitious Russian threat”.