Re-vote in Tearce tomorrow, ballot list will remain the same


Tomorrow at polling station 2011, at the “Kiril Pejcinovic” primary school in Tearce, people will vote again after the Administrative Court decided to annul the voting that took place at the polling station.

Three days ago, the State Election Commission unanimously decided a re-vote was necessary because simulations conducted by their IT sector showed that a revote could affect the outcome of elections, or the number of seats won by political parties in Consticuency 6.
The SEC said that everything is ready for the revote on Sunday and that all accredited monitorors will have the right to monitor the voting.

The Commission says that regardless of announcements from some parties that they won’t participate in the revote, the ballot in Tearce will be the same as two weeks ago, with 11 candidate lists.

The Council of the Administrative Court accepted the appeal filed by SDSM and the coalition regarding this polling station after the SEC rejected their complaint.

The reason for the annulment of the vote was because a ballot was missing at the beginning of the vote, and was then found later during the count in the ballot box. Moreover, confidential voting material was also missing as well as Form No. 15.

At the polling station 2011 in Tearce a total of 714 voters are registered on the Voters List. On December 11, 404 voters came out to vote.

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