Following the North Macedonian Security Council’s session, President Stevo Pendarovski stated that he was briefed about the situation with the COVID19, which was the only point in the agenda of the Council’s session. The president has concluded that the situation is extremely serious and it will not be easier in the next few weeks.

He appealed to the citizens to be extremely careful, to be responsible both for themselves and their closest ones since the situation will become even more serious in the next few weeks.

“Regarding the set of protective measures, there are no measures recommended by the World Health Organization that are applied in other countries and are not applied in ours. Mainly, the measures are the same, the difference is in the level of observance and the level of implementation of laws on part of the institutions,” said Pendarovski.

He said this COVID crisis mustn’t be used for gaining political points since with the loss of human lives we all become losers in the end.

“With a lack of vaccine or cure, there is no other alternative but to obey the protocols, wearing masks, physical distancing, a drastic decrease in socializing,” appealed Pendarovski.

When asked about the possibility of declaring a state of emergency, the president replied that that subject wasn’t discussed.

“Since April when a state of emergency was declared I pleaded that the Parliament should reconvene. I still think that the proper place for a discussion about this issue should be the Parliament,” said Pendarovski.

He stressed that even if a state of emergency is declared today, it won’t solve the problem. He also said that the curfew is not related to the state of emergency but with a possible amendment of a law for which there is a properly functioning Parliament. But, if there is a need, Pendarovski said that he will authorize the army to provide logistical support to that part of the system where there is a need for.

Health Minister Venko Filipche during today’s meeting of the Security Council | Photo credit: The President of North Macedonia’s Cabinet

In regards to the state of emergency, North Macedonian Health Minister Venko Filipche informed that at the start of the coronavirus crisis when all countries imposed movement restrictions, it was considered it will help to eliminate the virus. But it turned out that it won’t help with the coronavirus and considering this, the restrictions will not help. Therefore, said Filipche, we will have to learn to live with the virus, but by observing the measures.

Filipche informed that there are enough hospital beds and hospital personnel who is ready to fight for the patients infected with COVID-19 and sent a plea to the citizens to be certain that everyone who needs care will receive it.