Poposki: The Government Will Act on Part of Turkey’s Requests


At a closed session, the Government decided to act on the requests made by Turkey which were delivered after the failed attempted coup, stated Nikola Poposki, Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs to radio “Slobodna Evropa”.
Poposki said that he could not comment on the decisions made at the closed Government session, therefore he could not disclose specific details on Turkeys requests, nor what measures will be taken.

“We had specific requests after the military coup from Turkey, and in regards to those requests, our position is clear and unequivocal. There is no dilemma in our support to the democratically elected institutions in Turkey. In regards to their specific requests, the Government in a private session came to a decision, and will act on them. I can not divulge any specific details about their requests, nor what measures we plan to take, because those decisions were made in a closed session. Regarding the requests made by Turkey, we must be guided by our national interests and our legislation, so any measures we do take, will be in line with our interests and legislation”, said Poposki.

He added that in regards to Turkey, there are things that can be implemented and there are things that can not be implemented, the limit will be Macedonia’s interests and national legislation.

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