Police are guarding 3,570 bags of election material at the MP’s Clubhouse


At , 3,570 bags of election materials is being held under heavy police guard. Since last night after the election, until today, sacks of ballots and other voting material from all polling stations were taken to the MP’s Clubhouse, where the Commission from the SEC take records.

Along the Theodosi Gologanov Boulevard many vans can been seen, and cars and police vehicles between them.

“In the bags there is confidential material which has to be checked by the commission from the SEC. The sacks have not been opened and they are transparent but have labels identifying what is inside. If there are any objections, these confidential materials will serve as evidence. Election materials will remain at the MP’s Clubhouse, until the SEC do not check them, then they will be transferred to our warehouses. Before, this procedure was done in the large room at the SEC, but now the SEC is being used as a press center and that is why voting material for these elections are kept at the MP’s Clubhouse”, said Ljupka Guguchevska, the spokeswoman for the SEC.

Guguchevska added that the deadline for filing objections or complaints to the SEC is 48 hours and expires tomorrow at 19:00 pm.

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