Oliver Andonov will be Minister of Interior for one day


Today, Mitko Chavkov, the Minister of Interior handed in his resignation, and Oliver Andonov has been nominated by the Government as the new Interior Minister.

If successful, Andonov will be Interior Minister for just one day, until Oliver Spasovski from the SDSM is appointed. Spasovski shall return to this function as part of the interim government, which will begin operating from Saturday.

Government spokesman Aleksandar Georgiev, confirmed that he expects the Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev to nominate Mitko Chavkov as the new Director of the Public Security Bureau in the Ministry of Interior.

He confirmed that the Government had met for a morning session, at their own request, where it was decided to release the current Directors of the Public Security Bureau, and the Office for Security and Counter-Intelligence, Goranco Savovski and Ljupco Andonovski. At the same session, Vladimir Atanasovski was named as the new Director of the Office for Security and Counter-Intelligence (UBK). Atanosovski was previously the Director of the Financial Intelligence Unit.

At some point today, Parliament will have to hold a session where the resignation of Chavkov will have to be put on record, officially, and a vote must be held on the proposal for the election of Oliver Andonov as the new Interior Minister.

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