Oldest MP Manoilovski urges all other MPs to work for Macedonia


The fifth installment of the constitutive session passed in sophistry among the political parties and objections, rather than debating the points on the agenda, namely the election of members and president of the Commission on Elections and Appointments.

The oldest member of Parliament, Branko Manoilovski from DUI, calls on all MPs to put aside their party differences and to work in the interest of the Macedonian people.

“This is the first time I have walked into Parliament and I noticed great anxiety among you all. And from afar it is clear how it can solved, but we keep putting obstacles due to interests and persuasion. It is all in vain. You are all wonderful. Let’s get rid of those interests and be as one. I would like to see a bridge and an understanding between you. Calm down for all the parties., put party interests to the side”, said Manoilovski

The chairman of the session and former Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanovski, i.e the selection of the members and president for the Commission for Elections and Appointments and asked them to present their opening arguments and debate on that point on the agenda.

“Today, it is the fifth day, 50 MPs applied to speak, only two were accepted, but it is your right to reply or counter-reply”, said Veljanovski.

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