“Journalists’ Plenum” protested in support of Sashe Politiko


“Journalists’ Plenum” with protest in front of the Government expressed support for attacked journalist Sashe Ivanovski.

Representatives of the plenum expressed indignation and abhorrence of the action of Vice Premier for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski.

They believe Ivanovski is entitled to activism and his own expression of action and does not deserve a physical assault.

– Outrageous attack is a statement of VMRO-DPMNE, which encourages bullies because it suggests that “Sashe deserved the attack.” The statement encourages others to physically attack a person who disagrees with them or poses a tricky question – said Ida Protuger of “News plenum”.

The “Journalists’  plenum” demanded the resignation of Peshevski and that, according to them, is the least thing that can be done – otherwise, it will be understood that the Prime Minister, who is also head of the VMRO-DPMNE, encourages bullies and fights with opponents.

So far, according to the plenum, the party used the sophisticated aggression through their own media, lawsuits against journalists, but with this case the procedures escalated.

The “Journalists’  plenum” recalled that PM Gruevski in one of the “bombs” also encourages such behavior when ordering “two or three slaps”, while stating that it is not a criminal offense but a misdemeanor offense.

Sashe Ivanovski announced that today he will request a meeting with US Ambassador Jess Baily and Ambassador Aivo Orav because he feels threatened. The statement of VMRO-DPMNE he understood as a direct threat to his security.

– I feel threatened and unsafe especially after the statement sent by VMRO-DPMNE saying that I am seeking the trouble and I will get mine. I feel unsafe because the government uses underground methods of action, so one of their activists can kill me – said Ivanovski.

He denied the statement of Peshevski that three years ago he provoked him on a parking in Bitola, arguing that the meeting passed warmly.

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