North Macedonia sets new record: 535 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day

Граѓани на Камениот мост во Скопје | Фото: Арбнора Мемети

The Health Ministry of North Macedonia said yesterday evening that in the past 24 hours (Wednesday afternoon through Thursday afeternoon), 2.445 tests were performed, and 535 new COVID-19 cases were registered. Out of these, 277 were registered in Skopje. The Public Health Institute registered 168 recovered patients and in the past 24 hours, 6 patients have died in hospital.

In the capital, most of the active cases were registered in the following areas: Aerodrom – 429, Centar 395, Karposh – 373, and Kisela Voda has 257 persons infected with COVID-19.

The total number of COVID-19 diagnosed in North Macedonia since the start of the epidemic until yesterday is 22.170 and the number of patients who recovered is 16.758, while 815 people have died from the disease. At the moment, the number of active cases is 4.597.