Скопје на 9 април 2020 година беше во карантин | Фото: Арбнора Мемети

The restrictive measures that were imposed at the start of the epidemic in March can be introduced again, said for Meta.mk, the Center for Public Health – Skopje’s Director, Dr. Aleksandar Stojanov. This scenario would come as a result of the higher number of newly infected persons, which is evident in this period.

-Lockdowns and curfews are possible again. If this situation continues we will simply have no other solution. If the number of newly infected grows, some cities can be put under lockdown, as was the case with Debar. I don’t know when such restrictive measures could be introduced and that will depend on the epidemiological situation. The problem is that we have not enough beds and therefore certain measures will be necessary – said Dr. Stojanov.

He said that it may be possible for the school winter holidays to start in November until March next year. There is another option -the schools, kindergartens, restaurants, and other facilities where there are gatherings to be closed completely. It is possible people may not go to work.

He reminds us that we are not the only country where this is happening.

-Restrictive measures are imposed everywhere and somewhere there are quarantines. In Portugal, a country that lives on tourism has closed its pubs. In Belgium there are even more strict measures – said the director.

Tomorrow, the members of the Commission for Infectious Disease will meet. The decisions and the proposal from the meeting will be submitted to the Government that has to decide whether to accept them or to apply them.