No, the Corona virus cannot be cured by consuming alcohol


To claim in capital letters (HERE’S THE CURE FOR THE CORONA VIRUS: Professor Dr. Kantardziev claims that alcohol kills the virus in matter of seconds”) that there is a cure for the corona virus is irresponsible and non-ethical to say at least. But to claim that the cure is drinking alcohol is a total stupidity and disinformation, Critink writes in its latest corona virus related debunking series.

The only source for this claim, published by newspaper Večer, is a short statement by a certain Bulgarian doctor, quoted saying that alcohol kills the virus in a matter of several seconds and “regular consumers of hard liquor are more protected.”

But, there isn’t any data that confirms that doctor Todor Kantardziev really gave this statement. Nowhere it is indicated where he gave this statement, nor there is a confirmation that he really claims what the title states. In the article there isn’t a link to Bulgarian media where his alleged statement can be read.

But, even if the doctor really has stated this claim it doesn’t mean that the claim is truthful and based on evidence. It’s a reason less to be published by various media and in that way to spread non truths in a situation when people are scared by this new kind of virus and have tried various means to stop its spread.

It is problematic that the article itself is contradictory. Firstly it states that instructions given by the World Health Organization have to be followed and then it states that people that consume alcohol regularly are more protected from the virus.

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