In Kriva Palanka today at 13.30 pm on Solarski Bridge a protest was held against the “Islamization of Kriva Palanka.”

The organisers said that the protest passed peacefully, without incidents and mass attendance.

“The protest went well, peacefully and without incident. There were around 3,000 people, which is a lot for a town like Kriva Palanka which has 14,000 residents, which means there was mass attendance. The message we sent was that the protest in Kriva Palanka is against a mosque in the city, but we wanted to make it clear that those who want to build the mosque have no valid documents to do so. In this city there are not enough Muslims to build such a facility, but often cars come which have Tetovo and Gostivar registration plates”, said one of the organizers.

The next step the organizers will take is sending a message to the municipal authorities to inspect the builders of the mosque , to see that they do not have the necessary documents to build such a facility.

Yesterday, the Mayor of that Municipality, Arsenco Aleksov told “Meta” said that before the municipality a shrine was built, however a mosque will not be built because the majority of the population in Kriva Palanka is Orthodox Christian.

“The Roma population, in a rented office, made an improvised mosque and they pray there, but officially, the municipality have no plans to build a mosque in the city” said Major Aleksov.

In the previous days citizens gathered signatures to protest against the construction of mosques in their city.