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MOI is investigating the demolition of a religious building in Kriva Palanka

In the protest against the building of a mosque in Kriva Palanka and the Islamization of the city, a private house was demolished meant for religious rituals, which DOI - Kumanovo (Department of Interior-Kumanovo) started a procedure for investigating the case. "Around 18:30, when there was no one in the building, the unknown perpetrators had caused damage to it. The...

Protests end peacefully against the Islamization of Kriva Palanka

In Kriva Palanka today at 13.30 pm on Solarski Bridge a protest was held against the "Islamization of Kriva Palanka." The organisers said that the protest passed peacefully, without incidents and mass attendance. “The protest went well, peacefully and without incident. There were around 3,000 people, which is a lot for a town like Kriva Palanka which has 14,000 residents, which...