Milovanovik-Fazliu: The Macedonian Government is like that of Putin and Erdogan


Through it media controls and expensive marketing campaigns, Macedonian Government spreads and strengthens the idea that the Macedonians are disappearing and are under attack, writes Ana Milovanovik-Fazliu, daughter of former US Ambassador to Macedonia Jillian Milovanovik.

In an article published on the website “Alliance for Peacebuilding“, apart from giving a history of the Macedonian state and the Macedonian-Albanian relations, Milovanovik-Fazliu stated that the reason for this campaign is the growth of the Albanian population in Macedonia, Greece’s failure to recognize the name, as well as Bulgaria’s denial of the history and the language.

In the text, the daughter of former Ambassador also mentions the “bombs” of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, which, as she states, reveal a lack of democratic integrity in Macedonia.

“Prominent figures from the Government and the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE are recorded influencing judges, stifling the media, rigging local elections and intimidating members of VMRO. Prime Minister Gruevski claims that Zaev encourages a coup d’etat against him and that he wants to destabilize Macedonia. Macedonia’s ally Turkey used similar rhetoric to denounce the 2013 anti-government demonstrations,” reads the text.

Milovanovik-Fazliu states that two EU officials noticed blatant discrimination in the talks, where Albanians and Roma are referred to with abusive words.

“Minister of Interior is recorded as saying that it is alright to keep 11 ethnic Albanians in prison, although there is no evidence of their guilt, because prisons are already full with Shqiptars” stated Milovanovik-Fazliu, adding that the rights of minorities are not a priority of the opposition as well.

According to Milovanovik-Fazliu, Macedonian NGO sector is weakened due to claims of VMRO that most of those who defend guaranteed human rights are “Sorosoids” – followers of George Soros – and that they are part of a global conspiracy against Macedonia.

“The opposition is demanding reforms in line with the views of foreign NGOs. Therefore VMRO accuses the opposition of working for foreign interests. This is similar to the Russian approach to NGOs, as well as Tajikistan’s. By closing down NGOs, government destroys the attempts of citizens to form interest groups that will advocate for their rights,” reads the text.

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