“Metamorphosis” Foundation: SOS claims are nothing but lies and slander


Upon the claims and defamation of a large number of non-government organizations that were stated on Saturday by Nikola Srbov, Cvetin Čilimanov, and Nenad Mirčevski, who present themselves as “Stop Operation Soros” initiative, there was a reaction issued by the “Metamorphosis” foundation. In the disclaimer, it was stated that contrary to the principles of acting in the non-government sector as a non-political corrective of any government, a group of three citizens who present themselves as an NGO or non-government initiative under the banner “Stop Operation Soros,” operates in support of the interests of one political party i.e. it is involved in a publicly revealed agenda for fighting with the independent and progressive part of the civil sector.

The “Metamorphosis” foundation condemns and has qualified as lies and defamations and completely refutes the statements issued by the representatives of the group called “Stop Operation Soros” (SOS) that were issued at a press conference on the 4th of February 2017. At the press conference they told lies about “Metamorphosis”, including incorrect accusations that “millions” were transferred into the foundation’s accounts, allegedly, used for party activities and goals for SDSM” said the disclaimer sent to the media, where it stated that “Metamorphosis” assets were never used to support activities for any political party nor it ever will.

According to the Foundation, it is an effort to defocus the general public from the real problems and at the same time to derail Metamorphosis reputation including the reputation of all associations that aren’t under the control of VMRO-DPMNE. They also pointed out the biography of one of the three members of “Stop Operation Soros.”

“On the other hand, contrary to the principles of acting in the non-government sector as a non-party corrective of any kind of government, a group of three citizens represented as a non-government organization or non-government initiative under the banner of “Stop Operation Soros” is working off for the publicly revealed agenda by a certain political party for fighting with the independent and progressive part of the civil sector. One of the spokespersons of this group is an employee at the state news agency after he was performing the function of an advisor for public relations for the President of R. of Macedonia who came to this position as a candidate by VMRO-DPMNE”, stated the disclaimer.

The “Metamorphosis” Foundation stresses that it was founded in 2004 as an independent non-party subject and since then it works on building an information society and strengthening the position of the citizens within the society regardless of the parties on power.

“Neither the “Metamorphosis” Foundation or any of the donors that we work with don’t finance nor do they implement projects based on party or ideological orientation. All our activities and financial reports are available for the public”, stated in the announcement where a public apology is demanded.

“We reject the qualification that we are an organization that is working in accordance to someone’s orders. Because of the stated lies, defamation and the effort to ruin Metamorphosis’ reputation and the reputation of its employees we demand a public apology from the representatives of SOS. In contrary, we will file a suit for defamation and insult. Also, the media that published this slander, we demand they should publish this disclaimer at the same place and with the same timing as the stated disinformation. The media who will not fulfill this constitutional and legal obligation will be considered as accomplices in the campaign against the non-government sector and will be included in the lawsuits” said the “Metamorphosis” Foundation.

Series of disclaimers and announcements for lawsuits were published by many other non-government and civil organizations that have requested an apology for the lies and defamation by SOS.

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