Masks for preventing polluted air – Most sought after New Year’s gifts


Air pollution has increased the demand for protection masks at pharmacies and stores that are specialized for its sale. The price ranges from 200 to 899 denars and the ones that are most sought after are the ones with coal which filter the air and prevent PM10 particles.

“The masks contains coal and costs 899 denars, but at the moment we don’t have sizes M and S, only L. There is great interest in them and that is why they are sold so much. So far we have procured them several times, but all of them were sold. We are now waiting for the next shipment”, said an employee at “Zegin” pharmacy.

Masks with sizes of M and S cannot be found at any of Zegin’s pharmacies in Skopje, and size L can be found at only a few of them.

The demand for air pollution masks has increased, and was confirmed by “Eurofarm” pharmacy, where masks cost 200 denars and are of limited use.

On social networks, a number of advertisements can be noticed where not only masks are offered on sale but air purifiers and oxygen bottles.

The citizens, apart from purchasing at pharmacies and specialized stores, are obtaining the masks even at the platform for internet sale “Ali Express” where they cost 10 dollars and are made with different designs and colours.

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