The government was lately called out that it wants to interfere in the media’s editorial policies. But the government doesn’t want to control the media nor it should, or it doesn’t want to be the driving engine of the reforms, but we wanted to provide the journalist’s with space and mechanism to make the reforms of the law to which we were victimized by, said the Minister of Information Society and Administration, Damjan Manchevski during today’s parliamentary session at which questions by MPs were posted.

He commented the debates about the changes of the Law for audio and audio-visual media services and the criticism that is directed towards the government as the proposer of the law.

-This is not the first draft of the law, as there were probably four versions. There were more consultations, public debates, and everything is a result of someone’s proposal where all of the parties took part in. Suddenly we were accused that we are interfering in the editorial policy. As soon as we accepted all suggestions and the debates we organized and other discussions, again we are under criticism, so I have a dilemma whether the Government should propose any changes – said Manchevski.

He said that if the proposed decisions aren’t accepted probably the journalist associations and other organizations should find another way to pass a bill that will suit them better.