Macedonia to demand Gruevski’s asylum be revoked


The government is considering and will make a decision to send a request to revoke the decision for granting asylum for Nikola Gruevski, said today the Minister of Justice, Renata Deskoska at the start of the project titled “Strengthening the penitentiary system and the probation service.”

She said that, if the decision is based upon several facts that aren’t what they are, the state has the right to revoke it or to cancel its decision.

– Hungarian laws are very restrictive and they even provide opportunities for revoking an already granted decision for asylum, therefore the government is considering making a decision to send a request to revoke the asylum decision. Also, by observing Hungarian law, those that were granted asylum, if they aren’t granted citizenship at the same time, or a triple citizenship, their decision for asylum will be under consideration again after three years. Therefore, if Gruevski isn’t granted a citizenship, then the decision even if it is not under consideration on request of the government, under Hungarian law it will be under review every three years – said Deskoska.

Until now, she says, there haven’t been any problems with Hungary regarding extradition and that Hungary has never raised an issue regarding the condition of the prison system, nor regarding doubts about the judiciary in order to refuse extradition.

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