Macedonia has the capacity to care for 2000 refugees, and is under pressure to take in more


The number of refugees arriving in Greece is increasing daily and the border is closed. As announced by Macedonian authorities, the interruption in the flow of migrants is at the request of Slovenia, allegedly due to a malfunction on the railway lines.
The pressure to resolve the migrant crisis increases everyday, even more so due to the fact that today Serbia have begun to limit the flow of migrants planning to seek asylum in either Austria or Germany. Earlier, Austria said that they will try to limit the number of asylum seekers to 37,500 in 2016, less than half of the 90,000 claims filed last year.
Today the agency “Sputnik”, reporting their information from the German newspaper “Bild” reported that Germany and Austria, in cooperation with the Macedonian and Greek Government are developing a plan to close the Macedonian-Greek border to refugees, to equip the border area with a surveillance system and establish a “Mega-Camp” in Greece, and Athens will receive financial aid worth 320 million euros from Brussels.
How many refugees can Macedonia receive and where would they be placed?
In late October 2015, President Gjorge Ivanov attended a summit in Brussels, where the topic was the refugee crisis, and said that Macedonia has the capacity to care for a maximum of 2,000 refugees and that would be with the help of UNHCR and the Red Cross.
According to the Interior Ministry, all around the country and every day, 2,000 to 3,000 migrants and refugees pass through Macedonia.

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