At today’s plenary session of Parliament, and in the absence of the opposition, MPs gave the red light for the establishment of the new University “Damjan Gruev”.

67 MPs voted “For, and 6 were “Against” the University for Defense, Security, and Peace.

Independent MP Solza Grčeva believes that the establishment of this new university is an attempt to create a parallel system and the disqualification of UKIM.

“I see this project as a harmful political project that will only cause greater impact on higher education. It is a pity that the opposition did not see this all the way and allow the establishment of this university. I will treat this as a political project but with no strategy”, said Grčeva.

The Deputy Education Minister Spiro Ristovski, insists the idea is to increase the quality of higher education, and it is not about revenge or an attempt to accommodate a cadre of party members. Ristovski said that the idea of the establishment of the university is to increase the quality of higher education.

Orhan Ibrahimi from the DPA believes that the new university is an insult to the Albanian minority because the university does not provide any courses in Albanian.