Until now, the largest international military exercise is to take place in Macedonia called, “Decisive Strike”, and will be held in June and July at the Army Training Ground “Krivolak” and at the Training Center “Pepeliste”. It will be part of the complex exercises of the European Command of the Armed Forces of the United States “Saber Guardian 19” in the Black Sea and the Balkan region.

“It is a large-scale exercise cycle demonstrating the use of a credible collective defense that includes computer-supported exercises, field training, and weapon exercises. It will involve more than tens of thousands of members of the armed forces of at least a dozen NATO members and partner countries, and will take place in the countries of the Black Sea region,” informs the Public Relations Office of the ARM Headquarters General.

The exercise “Decisive Strike” will be the largest international exercise ever to take place in the Republic of Macedonia. Preparations for the plan of activities for the exercise is being prepared by the representatives of the ARM, the armed forces of the United States, Albania, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Lithuania.

“The “Decisive Strike” exercise is already deep in its planning process, which so far together with representatives of the National City of Pennsylvania, the US Army of Europe, the US Department of Defense’s Office at the US Embassy in Macedonia, realized several tests of accommodation capacities and terrain for the realization of the training exercises of AP Krivolak, for a closer understanding of the representatives of the US Army with the capacities and possibilities of the Krivolak Range,” says Lieutenant Colonel Toni Janevski, spokesperson from the ARM Office.