Adventurers, mountaineers, hunters, and everyone that loves the mountainous ambiance and tasty organically produced domestic cuisine and specialties from Dolni Polog will find a great location that will meet their desires at hostel and hunting lodge „Kitka“ located at the colorful village of Vratnica with the view towards the mighty mountaintop Ljuboten.

The village can be easily reached regardless if one is traveling by car or with a bike – through the regional road that leads from Tetovo towards the border pass Jažince. An alternative route is a local road, that starts from location Zelino that is situated on the Skopje- Tetovo highway and then passing through the villages of Sirichino, Shemshevo and Žilče one can reach to the village of Leshok, from where a right turn is taken and the road leads towards the Tetovo – Jažince.

Village cuisine and local delicacies

Near the road, in the midst of the village Vratnica, is the location of the Hostel and a Hunting Lodge “Kitka”, an accommodation that is placed on an elevation of 750 m, where apart from clean air, the visitors will be greeted by several local specialties and delicacies made of meat, mushrooms, and fresh vegetables, fruits and teas that were gathered on the outskirts of Shar Planina.

The hostel offers six rooms – one single room, two rooms with double beds and two rooms with four beds. Out of the two, with a previous reservation, the hosts will turn them into a VIP room with a wooden bride bed and a bathroom with a massage bath.

The package “Spending the Night” includes a breakfast that includes the well known ljubten tea.

Meat and sausagess

The guests will be served with fresh eggs, honey that the hosts are producing from their own bee boxes and fruits and vegetables that are produced by the locals including a local specialty – meat produced from a wild boar, mountain goat, a rabbit and other animals that are prepared in a traditional manner.

The domestically produced wild boar sausages are a specialty of the hostel Kitka and they can be ordered at any time.

The visitors will be served at any time with beans from Tetovo area made with a traditional recepee and with potatos that were produced locally. One will find seasonal salads and during winter time, a brine.

Adventures for the those in good physical shape and sightseeing for others

Near the hostel there are several wonderful locations, such as Vratnichko lake, which is located 1 km south from “Kitka” and halfway is the church of “Sts. tzar Konstantin and Elena” which was built on the foundations of an older church that dates fromt he XII century.

For those that like mountain tracking, an hours walk from Vratnica there is a mountain house. Vratnica is the starting point for those that want to climb the mountaintop Ljuboten.

If the guests cannot go for mountain tracking, the hostel has two vehicles that will take you anywhere.

The hostel and the hunting lodge Kitka offers the same conditions for bikers and so far this location ws visited by many foreign guests.

The hosts say that as part of the project for strengthening of innovative tourism (СТЕП) they are planning tourist packages such as “Mountain bike ride”, “Honey bee collecting” and “Village package” i.e. gathering chestnuts, making ajvar, preparing moonshine and eveything that might be intereting for guests that are escaping away from concrete jungles.