Kezharovski is released, but they keep him on a short probation leash


Journalist Tomislav Kezharovski is released. As he was suddenly imprisoned after the passing of the verdict by the Court of Appeal for two years in prison, the journalist was suddenly released with a decision for a one-month of leave in the same manner.

Today the court announced that it accepted the request for parole for Kezharovski.

The sequence of events and circumstances raise the question of whether, after all the vicissitudes and court controversy, Kezharovski won the battle or the state is trying to get out of the situation with the recent decisions of the judicial authorities, by making optimal compromise in the case of Kezharovski.

The question cannot be seen in one dimension. Kezharovski is currently not in jail and is with his family, which can be seen as a good occasion in case. However, journalists and journalists’ organizations, which protested in front of the Court of Appeal and the Government three days, feel the parole of Kezharovski doesn’t capture the essence of the procedure led against the journalist, but just an alibi, an attempt by the Government to get out of the pressure after the imprisonment decision and the actual imprisonment of the journalist.

– After all the pressure by journalists, journalists’ organizations, the democratic capacity in the country, citizens, colleagues from Europe and the world, international institutions, by all that stood behind the innocence of journalist, the Government released Kezharovski from prison. It is an attempt of the Government to get out of the situation and cover its sins. The release and now, the acceptance of the application for parole, is good for Kezharovski and his family. But that is only one side and it is not enough – says journalist Zoran Dimitrovski from Board for initiative for the release of Kezharovski.

They based their position on a single fact that the court does not want to admit, which is that Kezharovski is innocent of the crime he was convicted. That fact cannot be erased by the parole (which, among other things, is still uncertain because the prosecution may appeal on the decision).

President of AJM Naser Selmani stated for META that “it is premature to draw conclusions.”

Today, thorough an announcement, the Macedonian Association of Media (MAN) expressed its view that the association “welcomes the decision journalist Tomislav Kezharovski to be released on probation, i.e. to be released from serving the sentence.”

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