Journalist Kezharovski tells Zaev to visit the cells at the “Shutka” jail as soon as possible

The journalist, Tomislav Kezharovski, after spending half his sentence in the county jail “Shutka” in the Skopje neighborhood of Shuto Orizari, today suggested that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev visit the cells at the county jail in Shutka.

The reason for Kezharovski’s facebook status was the visit of the Prime Minister to the Idrizovo Prison, where he said he was “ashamed of the conditions”.

“I congratulate your efforts to improve the conditions in the Idrizovo prison and even more on your announcement of an amnesty law. But I suggest, as soon as possible, you go and see the cells in the Shutka county. And right there, first in the C-14, and then in the C-19, I spent months locked up with three others. I had no privilege to be in the spacious cells, in the new part. Everyone in C ,were all there who should have been broken”, says Kezharovski in his Facebook status.

He adds that after his verdict was handed down, he asked to be transferred to “Idrizovo” because it was better there.

Kezharovski was sentenced to four years and six months for the “Liquidation”case, where he was charged for uncovering the identity of a protected witness in the “Oreshe” case in his articles by Reporter 92.