Janeva is making progress despite difficulty with cooperation between subjects

The Special Prosecutors office stated today, that the cooperation between subjects has been difficult but in spite of this situation preliminary investigations in cases for which jurisdiction have been established is ongoing and there has been some improvement.

“Recently, special interest was expressed for our actions in regards to the required materials from SDSM. We again would like to point out that we expect the materials to be handed over to us so all parties concerned can begin to actively cooperate with this case. We would like to clarify that cooperation between the subjects to which we refer, regardless of the people involved has been difficult and in this regard our concrete position on the difficult cooperation, measures will be taken by us, and will be announced in mid-January. However, despite this difficult situation regarding the cooperation, we inform you that currently more preliminary hearings in cases for which jurisdiction has been established, progress has been made, but at this point we can not announce the details, in the interest of investigation”, reads the statement of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.

From there, they are urging “all parties to refrain from labelling the public prosecution under various political and or any other labels, because the most important thing at the moment is conducting independent and professional investigations, during which we are constantly abiding all principles and the confidentiality of preliminary investigations, accuracy and legality in these proceedings. ”

Janeva’s Office also announced that they have began the procedure for acquiring safety certificates for public prosecutors, and some of them had already been issued with certificates to work with classified information with the classification level for cases involving “state secrets.”

In the meantime, according to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, they are going through tender procedures to adapt the premises of where the Special Prosecution will be located.