Mile Janakieski, according to Criminal Code , should be sentenced to at least 24 years in prison if it is shown that recordings presented by Zoran Zaev are credible, if they are submitted to public prosecutor and could be used in a transparent and independent judicial proceedings.

In few of yesterday’s audio recordings, Minister of Transport and Communications Janakieski, in coordination with other ministers, officials, directors of institutions and companies demands as many votes for VMRO-DPMNE to be secured on the elections.

Here’s part of what can be heard on the recordings and it is told by Janakieski regarding the elections:

  • “Do you have control ?”, he asks Zhivko Pejkovski, director of the prison “Idrizovo”, referring to the vote to prisoners.
  • Soldiers in Centar, forty-something soldiers, have to vote for VMRO, otherwise they will not be soldiers”, said Janakieski in conversation with an interlocutor.
  • Zharko, what did you do with the list of employees at Telecom, we are waiting for a long time “, says Janakieski to Zharko Lukovski, director of “T-Mobile”, who confirms that the employees in the company will vote for VMRO-DPMNE, otherwise would be laid off.
  • “Since we did it in larger institutions, for example, I did that now in MEPSO in ELEM, Telecom, the big ones, I did it, now we need something smaller” , says Janakieski to Vlatko Mijalkov, Director of the Customs Administration.
  • “I have a list who is employed on the faculties and living in municipal committee Centar, in the Municipality of Centar. I do not know, Faculty of Pedagogy, Faculty of Law, Faculty of this and that, some of yours should call them one by one? “, Janakieski asks Spiro Ristevski.
  • Tell employees who live in Centar to give you three undecided … and appoint two or three coordinators that will make them vote”, says Janakiski to Cvetko Grozdanov, Director of corporation for management of residential and commercial properties.
  • “Tell him we’ll pay him, let them come with the bills, with a receipt, and we will refund money personally”, says Janakieski to the director of an orphanage, who says she has eight children who will vote for Gruevski.

According to Criminal Code, it is a violation of Article 160 (Violation of freedom of voters), which provides imprisonment of at least three years.

At the same time, it is a violation of Article 162 (bribery at elections and voting), which provides for imprisonment of at least five years.

In conversation with Nikola Todorov, it is heard how Janakieski says that they will have to mechanically shut down lifts in buildings because Gievski (Igor, member of the Management Board of “EVN Macedonia”) has not shut them down.

That, according to Criminal Code, is a violation of Article 158 (Preventing elections and voting), which provides for imprisonment of at least five years if the offense is committed on the territory of two or more polling stations.

In a conversation with Sasho Mijalkov, Mile Janakieski says that he wants to open electoral list and see who didn’t come to vote for then, as he says, “ We will go visit them door to door, if they are ours, we will press them “.

That, according to Criminal Code , is a violation of Article 163 (Violation of the secrecy of the vote) and provides for imprisonment of at least three years.

Simultaneously, Article 164 (destruction of election material) is violated, which also provides for imprisonment of at least three years.

According to Article 55 of Electoral Code , personal data contained in the Voters’ List shall be protected in accordance with law and cannot be used for any purpose other than the exercise of the right of citizens in accordance with this Code.

Registered political parties, coalitions and independent candidates, i.e. authorized representatives and deputies of the submitters of list of candidates cannot use the lists on election day to register persons who voted.

In the recordings released by Zaev five days ago, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said to Janakieski to put in invalid ballots in the Municipality of Centar.

NG: Tell our people there to annul as much as possible…. Hello…
MJ: Yes, yes, I hear you …
NG: I said, Sasho says to tell our people there, where there can be invalid, to…
MJ: I told them, I told them this morning…
NG: Records as well, for later it can be…

That, according to Criminal Code , is a violation of Article 165 (electoral fraud), which provides for imprisonment of at least five years.