Ivanov: Pandora’s Box is open and now everyone has the right to deny what’s ours


The Macedonian knot can not be cut, it needs to be carefully undone. I worked on undoing that knot. I was aware that there were red lines which couldn’t be crossed. Someone who thought that he could cut the knot and solve the Macedonian question at any cost came to power. Pandora’s box is open and now everyone has the right to deny what is ours.

This is how the President of the Republic, Gjorge Ivanov, started his last annual address in Parliament.

In regard to the Prespa Agreement, he said that it puts an end to the Republic of Macedonia as we know it and that it was put together without a national consensus and without his knowledge or consent.

“This government asked the people themselves to agree to this change so that the legal abolition of the Macedonian people can be interpreted as their own will. In the referendum, the people were faced with a false alternative. The choice is between prosperity or identity. The referendum was unsuccessful, the people voted against hasty and harmful resolutions,” he said.

With the free interpretation of the Treaty with Bulgaria, he says, Macedonia has been thrown into a labyrinth, which is difficult to get out of and now Bulgaria has announced an annex to the Treaty.

Ivanov said that even though some deny the so-called Tirana platform, acts speak loudly and he believes that the Law on Languages will cause a complete blockade of the institutions because each of its members violates the Constitution.

He stressed that he has long insisted for a population census, but that it is pointless without an option of ethnicity and says that without such a census there is no Ohrid Framework Agreement.

Ivanov said that on April 27, last year, political violence had led to physical violence and asked what was the difference between his pardons and the current amnesty.

On April 27, Ivanov said there was no scenario for a military state of emergency, unless someone abused his name for their own purposes.

“I am constantly informed of orders given for the surveillance, filming and wiretapping of myself my cabinet and members of my family. Systems, names, governments, directors are changing, but it seems that UDBA is still UDBA,” the president concluded.

He says he sees no other perspective than EU and NATO membership, which he believes will unite the whole of society, but says it will not happen just with the implementation of the agreement with Greece.

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