“The ambassador from the German ministry used fake news, and then Merkel had to apologize for the incorrect information they received from their Embassy. I appeal to Germany that this level of diplomats is an insult to our country. It is unacceptable for the German Embassy to base their statements on false information. How could I have given the mandate earlier? Should I have violated the Constitution?” Said President Gjorge Ivanov last night in an interview with “Nova” TV.

Ivanov’s reaction comes after the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement welcoming the hand over of the mandate, also wrote that the decision should have been made a long time ago.

Among other issues, when asked about the impact of the international factor in the recent period, Ivanov stated that “we should be concerned with the quality of some of the diplomats in the country.”

“Friendly countries come with the desire to overcome the crisis, to advise us on how to proceed, but we had some uncomfortable meetings and telephone calls with certain people who were not informed and had misconceptions without checking the facts”, added Ivanov.

Earlier, President Ivanov was a guest on the show “Only the Truth” on “Kanal 5” TV.