Ivanov: I am still waiting for requests from non-politicians so their pardons can be withdrawn


President Gjorgi Ivanov from Sofia today called all the pardoned people who did not have their pardons revoked, and do not fall into the category of politicians, and want their pardons to be annulled, to submit a request to him or his cabinet.

Ivanov while speaking to “Telma” TV said that so far, not one request for annulment has arrived at his cabinet.

“The law allows for the other individuals to submit requests, as I previously have stated, if they are ready to do so. I still wait for their requests because the law has its own deadlines. I expect all those who are not politicians, but are part of the list, in accordance with the terms of the law to submit their applications so we can withdraw their pardons”, said Ivanov.

When asked, if they do not submit such requests, Ivanov said briefly that he would ” strictly respect the law and the Constitution”.

He once again emphasized that he made the decision to grant the pardons on April 12,  as a solution for a way out of the political crisis.

“I’ve offered leaders a solution for an exit to the crisis, to calm the situation. There is nothing unconstitutional and unlawful about this. They refused that we resolve the crisis in such a way and created the legal conditions so that it can be revoked. I waited under the terms of the law for people to apply because there was no reaction from anyone, nor were there any requests. My decision was to show the public that politicians are not above the law because my withdrawal referred to the list of all politicians who were covered by the pardons”, said Ivanov.

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