Gruevski will not be an honorary president of VMRO-DPMNE as Mickoski will be changing the party’s statute


VMRO-DPMNE’s party leader Hristijan Mickoski is going to be changing the party’s statute, where the position honorary president will be abolished. In yesterday’s interview for TV 24, Mickoski mentioned that there will be reforms for the party’s democratization upon the example of other Demo-Christian parties in Europe.

Still, in the interview, he stressed that the decision for changing the statute will not mean distancing from Nikola Gruevski, who will lose his position as an honorary president.

-It is a statute that was made in accordance with the reforms and the dynamics and is a result of a thorough analysis of the statutes made by sister parties. At the moment there is a debate in the Executive committee and soon this debate will be moved at the Central Committee – said Mickoski.

In yesterday’s interview, the leader of the biggest opposition party refused publicly to distance himself from Nikola Gruevski and the consequences of his politics. Mickoski announced that he can apologize and fend off from something that he did. If there was some sort of damage from the rule of the previous government, as he stressed, it will be changed through future programs by the ruling party.

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