Greece hopes that it won’t be excluded from the Eurozone


The eyes in Greece remain turned to Brussels. The hopes are that the scenario for exiting the Eurozone slowly fades primarily due to the cancellation of the summit of 28 EU member states, instead of which, only summit of the leaders of the Eurozone will be held. This step is seen as the first sign that it is possible to avoid the danger of leaving the euro, but European leaders clearly put it clear that Greece has to pass a long way to restore its credibility and the poor confidence in it. The expectations are that the Eurogroup today will not come out with a concrete agreement, but there will be some preliminary agreement and guidelines that will be announced at the summit of leaders of the Eurozone, where Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will again have to face with Angela Merkel.

Scenarios that can be heard is that Greece will be required to urgently, until the end of the week, to adopt certain measures to show that it is determined to keep the promise and implement them this time. If it passes, new meetings of the Eurogroup would be held, on which permission for negotiations and a new agreement would be given.

It is also questionable what happens with the government in Greece since government unity is shaken after two ministers, the speaker of parliament and 14 other MPs turned their backs on Tsipras during Friday’s vote. It is also uncertain if the coalition with Independent Greeks will survive. The media speculate that there are two options: either rapid reconstruction, the passage of the measures and announcing elections in September or formation of a government for national salvation, which would perhaps include River, PASOK and New Democracy, which supported the measures, that will have a specific purpose – passing and implementation of the measures in a period of several months and announcing elections in September or October.

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