Government prepares new law for SPO, Public Prosecutor’s Office and Criminal Procedure

Coincidence or not, the Government decided to change three key laws in the area of ​​criminal prosecution, exactly on November 13th, the same day former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced that he had fled to Hungary, where he is seeking political asylum.

The Ministry of Justice announced on the very same day that it is preparing a draft law for the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, which should be ready by the end of the month.

“The purpose of the law is to regulate the status, competencies and other issues related to the Special Prosecutor’s Office. Judges, public prosecutors, international organizations and relevant institutions will be included in the preparation of the law, ” the ministry said.

Simultaneously, the Ministry of Justice is preparing a draft law for the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The explanation states that the criminal procedure law was enacted in 2010 and enforced in 2013 and that significant innovations were introduced with it, which mostly refer to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.