Government declares the 14th and 15th of February as national days of mourning


During the extraordinary session, the Government decided to declare the 14th and 15th of February to be days of national days of mourning because of the road c accident that happened on the road between Skopje – Tetovo.

When the session was over, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev announced that the number of victims has risen to 14 and 6 others are still in critical condition.

” The bus was heading from Skopje towards Tetovo and the accident happened near the village of Laskarci. The cause of the accident is still undetermined and the investigation is done by the authorized prosecutor. The investigation for today is over and will resume again and as soon as it is over we shall announce all the facts and details about the causes for this traffic accident. The bus went on the other side, it passed the road over and it entered the regional road, it rolled over the regional road and it rolled over after the regional road into the valley. All institutions reacted quickly including MOI and the state hospitals, including all private hospitals that reacted promptly and have sent all of their resources” announced Zaev while he was announcing the details of the accident.

he announced that he shall visit the injured passengers at the hospitals and in the forthcoming days, certain decisions will be made for aid for the families of the victims.

During the days of national mourning, the flag of the Republic of North Macedonia will be flag-staff.

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